by Jacqui L

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Joshua Smotherman Her music hits you right in the gut, her visuals fascinate the eyes and the depth of her lyricism provokes intelligent thought. This is not music for the weak and light-hearted. PLANET PARALLEL 5 is a serious voyage through pristine mixes, well crafted progressive songwriting, and the soulful, impacting vocals of the one and only Jacqui L. Favorite track: I'll Covet.
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Welcome to PLANET PARALLEL 5 (PP5). The birth planet of your tour guide - Jacqui L - The Little Scorpion Girl with her eyes on her tail.

The PLANET PARALLEL 5 Tourism Board (PP5TB) very much hopes you enjoy your stay and in the interest of your continuing pleasure and safety, strongly advise that you refrain from venturing too near the trees and do not feed the birds - both have been known to bite.

The PP5TB appreciate that you have transversed quite the intergalactic highway to arrive on our beautiful black and grey shores, and recommend that the best known treatment for intergalactic rocket-lag is to lie back on a comfy bean bag, put on your very best headphones, close your eyes and experience a taste of the the auditory delights that PLANET PARALLEL 5 has to offer.

Dinner will be served at 18:00 PP5ST (PLANET PARALLEL 5 standard time).


released May 5, 2017

All songs written by Jacqui L
All vocals and keys - Jacqui L
Produced/drums/percussion - Joe Accaria
Produced/guitars/engineered and mixed - Marty Hailey
Bass on all tracks (except Rich Man and Could Be) - Dave Symes
Bass on Rich Man and Could Be - James Haselwood
Mastered - King Willie Sound (William Bowden)



all rights reserved


Jacqui L Sydney, Australia

This is Jacqui L. She lives on PLANET PARALLEL 5. In the interest of specificity... yes- Jacqu L is a scorpion of sorts... and yes- those are her eyes on her tail. (And yes- it takes a great deal of warming up and limbering for her to apply her mascara each day, but she does because vanity is as powerful a force on PP5 as it is on earth.) Jacqui L hopes that you appreciate her debut album PP5. ... more

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Track Name: Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Our yearly rendezvous is on us again
What do I have to do to wish you away?
You know I don’t like you and you don’t like me
What do I have to do to wish you away?

I’ve tried so very hard to make you vanish
But with the persistence of sunset you come
Just one less day in the calendar I wish
Then finally from you I need no longer run
Track Name: Frankenstein

Crunching over these eggshells I know I can’t let my guard down
Each day I’m trying to learn how to disregard your frown
Impossible to know the extent of your own ignorance
I felt secure when the ground was crumbling underneath my feet

Scared to put all my eggs in your basket again
Shocked at how wrong I could be

Your actions and your words they don’t correspond
I never know if you’re Jekyll or Hyde
Is it your lips or your body that has lied?

And now you’re trying to un-write the rules that you have stated
And now you’re trying to unmake the monster you created

Crunching over these eggshells…
Track Name: Rich Man
Rich Man

Rich man, feel your shame for you
Filthy rich man, all the good you do
Rich man, if I prayed I’d pray for you

Keep them sick, keep them stupid
Inside your machine
Do your business with the devil
Fulfil every dream
…of yours

Rich man, Charlie smiles on you
Filthy rich man, all the good you don’t do
Rich man, if I prayed I’d pray for you

You are more important than us
Your lives are worth more than the rest of us
Track Name: I'll Covet
I’ll Covet

I wanna be a cowboy, I wanna be a princess
I wanna be all dressed up, I wanna be naked
I see I want
I wanna be a hippie on a distant hill
Or a penthouse with some servants might be nicer still
I see I want

I wanna be bohemian
I wanna be filthy...
I wanna be androgynous
I wanna be a Greek goddess

I want it, I want it all
Show me and I’ll covet

I wanna be a rock star I wanna be a poet
I’m desperately envious of you but I try not to show it
I want her body and his body and that car
Rest assured my motivation won’t take me very far

I’m gonna replicate every page in that magazine
I’m gonna dedicate my life, till you show me the next picture
I’m gonna recreate every outfit that I’ve ever seen
Till you show me the next picture
Track Name: Decaying Orbit
Decaying Orbit

You’re doing a fine job of making that bed of yours
I can see you lying in…
Really soon

You’re doing an excellent job of digging that grave of yours
I can see you falling in…
Really soon

Don’t you know that’s where you’re going?
You’ve scribbled it all on the wall

Make your choice
If you care

Must we all bare witness to your inevitable decaying orbit?
I can see you falling in…
Track Name: Under the Noise
Under the Noise

Frozen in a doorway
Can’t go forward - won’t turn back
One life behind me
The other just out of reach

Slip into oblivion
Disappear into the void
Blink into oblivion
Float under the noise

Frozen in this vessel
Hiding in the corners of my mind
Impotent to the voices
Hissing at me from behind

And I will sleep forever
Under the noise
And I will dream of black
Under the noise
And I will live forever
Under the noise
Without this body pinning me down holding me back
Track Name: Could Be
Could Be

Five minutes in time
Twenty years in the making
Seven years of warnings
One long moment

And you fell down

You could be over
You could be done

More promises made
Your hands are shaking
You let it get this far
Will anything change?

You could be over
You could be done
Track Name: Stroke It
Stroke it

Paint my face
Paint my hair
Tell me how good I look today

Paint my skin
Paint my nails
Tell me how good I look today

I need to hear it

Paint my words
Paint my life
Tell me how smart I am today

I need to hear it

Tell me
Say it
You don’t need to mean it

Stroke it...
Stroke my ego
Track Name: Distraction

Am I going backwards?
The light at the end of the tunnel’s getting smaller
How did this happen?
Everyone around me’s growing up but I’m getting shorter

Will it always be a struggle in the morning?
Will it always be a struggle?

Swimming against the tide
My arms and my legs are moving but I’m getting nowhere
Getting nowhere
All the things I’ve tried…
My life is a pot full of water and I sit and stare
I sit and stare

Will it always be a struggle in the morning?
Will it always be a struggle?

Awaiting the next fleeting distraction